Who is a typical Hive Retirement client?

  • A typical Hive Retirement client is over 50 years old and is considering (or is already in) retirement.
  • Investible Assets between $1mm and up to $10mm.
  • These are guidelines, not requirements. Even if you don't meet these guidelines we'll be happy to talk.

How Often Will We Meet?

Our first year will be our heaviest schedule with at least five meetings. Afterwards we will meet four times a year.
  1. We'll have up to three introductory meetings to provide an executive summary of your finances.
  2. After you sign on to work with us, we'll meet two to three times to construct your Comprehensive Financial Plan.
  3. We'll use your Comprehensive Financial Plan as our reference point for Ongoing Financial Planning. We will meet quarterly, or at a pace that suits you, to cover various aspects of your finances such as:
  • Cash-Flow Planning – Am I covering my bills and saving enough for retirement?
  • Tax Planning – Not just around tax time, Tax planning is a year round sport. Analysis of your tax returns for opportunities to save more and to give more. We use Holistiplan to help point out great tax savings for clients.
  • Investment Planning – Asset Allocation and Asset Location...How and where am I invested, and what changes should to be made based on my age and my risk tolerance?
  • Retirement Planning – How much do I need to save for retirement? can I retire now? and what exactly does my life look like in retirement?
  • Estate Planning – How can I transfer my assets to my loved ones in the most tax efficient and responsible way.
  • Insurance Planning – Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance and others. How much is enough and what are my options?
  • Charitable Giving – Figuring how to give more to the Charitable organizations that mean a lot to you.

Besides the scheduled quarterly meetings, we provide Rapid Response to your crises. We are always available.

  • You will have access to unlimited meeting and consultation time, so your emergency is our emergency. Let’s figure out a solution together.
  • We will proactively invite you to planning-topic consultations when they are needed.
  • In short, we are here at your call.

If I sign on as a client, do you require that you manage my money?

No. Hive Retirement recommends, but does not require, Investment Management Services for Clients. It's your decision.

Clients that manage their own investments pay a flat fee for Financial Planning.

Clients that choose Investment Management services with Financial Planning pay a fee based on a percentage of assets under management - the flat fee from Financial Planning is waived. We will build a portfolio with low cost funds based on how you feel about investing. As the markets move we will adjust your holdings so they remain at your intended percentages.


The CFP® designation is a formal recognition of expertise in the areas of financial planning, taxes, insurance, estate planning, and retirement saving. It is recognized in the United States and a number of other countries for its (1) high standard of professional education; (2) stringent code of conduct and standards of practice; and (3) ethical requirements that govern professional engagements with Clients. 

What Is a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP)?

The RICP® designation refers to a financial professional who specializes in retirement income planning. Once qualified, RICPs advise retirees and near-retirees as to the best way to use the assets they have accumulated for retirement to live comfortably within a realistic budget and not run out of money prematurely. The RICP is designed for financial professionals who already have a broad-based financial planning credential, such as a CFP® or whose businesses already emphasize retirement income planning.

How much do I owe if I decide to not move forward after the Introductory Three Meeting Plan?

Zero. We want a positive long-term relationship as much as you do. The first three meetings and executive summary are complimentary, we use these meetings as our dress rehearsal to make sure we are a good fit. After the third meeting you would owe nothing and we go our separate ways. 

What is a “Fee-Only” Financial Planner? And what is a Fiduciary?

Hive Retirement is a Fee-Only Financial Planner where we receive a fee for planning services in lieu of traditional commissions. The benefits of Fee-only include transparency, no hidden charges, and no conflicts of interest to sell a product such as Annuities or Life Insurance.

At all times when providing Financial Advice to a Client, a CFP® professional must act as a fiduciary, and therefore, act in the best interests of the Client. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Investment Management services and Ongoing Financial Planning can be cancelled with at least 30 calendar days in advance.